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"I would like to express my great gratefulness to everyone who shared in preparing the PEPID Medical Programs as they are excellent source of medical information. The program was downloaded within less than a minute on my iPhone, and the experience with using PEPID on the iPhone is unbelievable. I highly recommend having the PEPID Medical Program especially the Platinum version. PEPID saved many lives, and it is my companion in my practice. Many Thanks to the PEPID team." — Hany Fahmy

"I have past experiences with PEPID with my Palm and with Blackberry and of course was pleased with the product. I have been pleased with display on iPhone. More importantly, the information your product offers is second to none. Thanks" — Carla Turner

"I use PEPID all the time in the ED and have for years. I appreciate all the effort and the good solid product. More than once I have been a better doctor because of PEPID." — John Comis

"What a great program. It saves me from looking up in a text book when the ER is on fire. Great idea to cross-reference information!" — Karrar Ali

"I was referred to PEPID by a colleague. I do some rural ER here in Nevada and it is nice to have a solid reference to use when I am out there on my own. As a board certified Family Physician, I do feel more comfortable with PEPID in my back pocket. It also has helped me in Reno where I have a private practice and do hospital medicine." — Brian Passalacqua

"I'm a new intern in the emergency med program at St. Lukes Roosevelt in NYC. I love PEPID so far and I'm talking it up to my fellow residents." — Shannon Rogan

"I am quite pleased with PEPID. I use it on a daily basis during rounds and clinic work. I believe I save at least 1/2-1 hour daily using the resource. The best features are the user friendly format and it's thorough topic information. I was on rounds one morning and we had a patient with pancreatitis. I was able to quickly brief myself before being called upon by the resident. PEPID saved the day! Thank you for your follow-up. Your product is a winner!" — Michelle Wellington

"It is a very insightful program that I am still exploring. I have been a paramedic for the last 20 years and could have used this so many times in the past, but there was no such thing as PDAs when I started in this field, but I have been looking for a program that is helpful in many different aspects of the medical profession." — Joseph Mathis

"The download was very smooth and effortless, and I am very impressed with the quality of your program, as well as the fact that you have an easily accessible telephone number for personal support! I recently cancelled my subscription to ePocrates® because of lack of ability to communicate with a "human" by telephone. You have an excellent product and I commend your dedication to quality! Thanks again for a great product." — James Walraven

"As one interested in PDA use in medicine, I have tried almost every PDA source available. I believe your product is the best for quickly reviewing topics and making clinical decisions in the field of Emergency Medicine, primarily due to the presentation of the content as well as the breadth of content." — Trey Dobson

"I'll be using it extensively in Pediatrics. I found it most helpful last night during my first clinical work in 18 months. It is definitely a very useful tool, especially with the speed and ease to access information." — Wilhelmina Engelbrecht

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