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Hold all the cards you need to keep your curriculum current & encourage critical thinking with PEPID. PEPID offers the largest drug database on the market, seamlessly delivered updates, rigorously reviewed content, & interactive drug tools.

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With Pharmacogenomics
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The Search for Individual Answers

Many clinicians and pharmacists predict that the practice of precision medicine will change the landscape of healthcare, and put more responsibility on the shoulders of pharmacists. PEPID's PGx uses proprietary, ingredient-based drug interaction algorithms that incorporate pharmacogenomics and leverage the largest drug database on the market combined with extensive clinical and drug references to bring the power of precision medicine into your classroom.

Using PEPID's PGx, students can prepare for a future of precision medicine with information about how a patient's genotype will impact their treatment, including:

  • A severity weighting to determine if further consideration is necessary
  • Full interaction monographs to provide an immediate and actionable overview
  • References for further research and evaluation

For 25 years, PEPID has been a leading developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers, hospitals and schools.

Continuously updated & peer reviewed, our suites synthesize the latest research into condensed references and tools for every clinician.

*Currently, sources of PEPID drug database content include, but are not limited to: American Society of Healthcare Pharmacists (ASHP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canadian Pharmaceutical Society (CPS), Martindales, Harriet Lane, Handbook of Injectable Drugs.