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"I use PEPID all the time in the ED and have for years. I appreciate all the effort and the good solid product. More than once I have been a better doctor because of PEPID."
John C. — Medical Director, Redington Fairview General Hospital

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With Pharmacogenomics
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Precision Treatments in Seconds

Tailoring treatments based on patient genotypes is the next big step in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. With PEPID PGx you can start that future today.

Promotes Interoperability

PEPID's PGx tool is a complete pharmacogenomic interaction checker that can stand alone or integrate with genetic labs and EHRs in compliance with HIPAA and HL7 best practices for instant treatment individualization.

What others are saying...

“During a busy ER shift when I don't have any time to really look things up and delve into a problem, PEPID gives me a quick answer and saves me time in my clinical decision making.”
Saul N. — Annual PEPID Client Survey

PEPID sets the gold standard in point-of-care clinical decision support

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