Canada Drug Product Database (DPD/DIN)


Canadian DPDThe PEPID Knowledge Base fully supports the Canada Product Database (DPD/DIN) nomenclature.

PEPID’s Canadian DPD can be integrated into healthcare information systems in Canada, allowing systems to use the DPD as the basis of their system to provide the most trusted and authoritative drug information to clinicians, and support them through every stage of the decision process, increasing safety and accuracy through better-informed patient care.

Search the Drug Product Database for drug information including DIN, product name, active ingredients, strength, pharmaceutical form and route of administration.

Canada’s Drug Product Database, managed by Health Canada, contains all drug products approved for use in Canada, including human pharmaceutical and biological drugs, veterinary drugs and disinfectant products. The database covers approximately 15,000 drug products. Health Canada’s Drug Identification Numbers (DIN) are assigned to drug products that are authorized for sale in Canada, and are listed on the labels of prescriptions and over-the-counter drug products.

A DIN uniquely identifies the following product characteristics:

  • Manufacturer
  • Product name
  • Product name
  • Strength(s) of active ingredient(s)
  • Pharmaceutical form
  • Route of administration

The availability of this database is in addition to PEPID’s drug information monographs, drug interaction checker, drug-allergy checker, dosing calculators and medication vocabulary cross mapping already available.

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