Indications and Contraindications


Indications-ContraindicationsWith the increase in drugs and complex treatment plans, today’s healthcare professionals rely on clinical decision support tools for treatment information and to alert them if a hazardous combination exists.

PEPID’s indication and contraindication modules allows healthcare professionals to search for appropriate medications based on a patient’s diagnosis, and give alerts if it’s a hazardous treatment based on any of the patient’s conditions, procedures or diagnostics tests. This information can be integrated into any EMR or HIT system, and can help prevent potentially harmful treatment options, and provide safer alternatives.

This module includes drug to disease checkers that alerts providers when a prescribed medication should not be used, due to an underlying disease, recent procedures or diagnostic test, or condition, such as pregnancy. The indications module also easily allows systems to link treatments to the conditions they treat, in order to identify safe, or cost-effective alternatives.

System Capabilities

Integrate our indications and contraindications into any EMR or HIT system to provide healthcare professionals with the information they need to manage their prescriptions.

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