Integration: Drug Interactions Checker


Minimize adverse drug events with the PEPID drug interactions checker. Check for interactions throughout a patient's entire medication regime, including prescription, OTC, herbal, supplement or foods. The most powerful drug interactions checker available, PEPID provides a ranked listing of all possible interactions and a description of each reaction.

Drug InteractionsIncludes:

  • Drug-drug
  • Drug-allergy
  • Drug-nutrient
  • Drug-alternative medicine
  • Drug-food


  • Identify drug interactions and minimize adverse events
  • Ranked by severity
  • Description of each interaction
  • No redundant information
  • Customized alerts

System Capabilities

Use the PEPID drug interaction checker within any healthcare system to populate customized alerts based on severity, or patient history. This functionality is integration-ready by using our well-defined methods and APIs, giving developers the flexibility to create meaningful alerts, and prevent message overload.

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