McGraw-Hill Nurse to Nurse: Dementia Care

The Nurse to Nurse series is designed to simulate the teaching experience nurses learn best from — trusted mentors carefully explaining what they must do in specific clinical situations. This series brings the wisdom and experience of some of the experts to non-specialist nurses in clinical care.

By nurses, for nurses

McGraw-Hill Nurse to Nurse: Dementia Care offers peer-to-peer guidance on how you can give the best possible care to dementia patients and their families.

Therapeutic dialog boxes, key points and medical alerts make it easy for you to learn:

  • Dementia basics
  • Common complications of dementia
  • Assessment of dementia
  • Caregiving basics
  • Common problems in daily care
  • Managing behavioral problems
  • Designing activities
  • Helping families

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dementia Basics
Chapter 2: Common Complications of Dementia
Chapter 3: Assessment - The Vital Signs of Dementia
Chapter 4: Caregiving Basics
Chapter 5: Common Problems of Daily Care
Chapter 6: Managing Behavioral Problems
Chapter 7: Designing Activities
Chapter 8: Helping Families
Chapter 9: Pharmacologic Treatment
Chapter 10: End-of-Life Care
Appendix: Family Guidelines
Appendix: Mental Status Examination

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