Portal Integration


Integrate Clinical and Drug Information into Your Website or Portal

Integrate PEPID's trusted clinical decision-support information into your existing website, intranet or portal using PEPID Portal Extensions. Enhancing your system with medical and drug references will give your healthcare professionals a comprehensive one-stop hub and make it an indispensable resource.

Simply embed HTML links to jump to any content or tool in the PEPID Knowledge Base, including:

  • Drug monographs – generics, trade names, herbals, supplements, over-the-counters and more
  • Drug interactions checker
  • Symptom checker
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Dosing calculators
  • Clinical conditions and disease profiles
  • Specialty-focused information for each department
  • Medical and dosing calculators

PEPID Portal Extensions allow you to quickly enhance a web portal or intranet site with clinical decision support via standard HTML protocols and links.

Self-searching Capabilities

PEPID Portal Extensions include self-searching features that allow you to embed resources such as a drug searches or drug interactions generators without requiring a development team, eliminating expensive programming costs.

  • Include links to our index for a built-in search engine that allows users to search ALL content.
  • Link to our drug interactions checker, and users can search and select drugs for potential interactions.
  • Embed our symptom checker, and provide your users a way to select patient symptoms and generate a list of possible diagnoses.
Always Current

Our content is continuously updated, which means your portal, intranet site or website is always current.

Your Interface

PEPID Portal Extensions are embedded into your current website or portal design wherever you include the links, so accessing our medical and drug information is seamless to your users and displayed in your portal design.

Easy to Acccess

Access is available via IP authentication, access code or installed locally to your server.

Mobile Compatability

Make your portal portable with PEPID. As a leader in mobile technology, PEPID Portal Extensions are compatible with any mobile device.

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