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PEPID Technical Support

1. How do I purchase PEPID?
2. Can I try PEPID before I purchase it?
3. How many free trials of PEPID can I download to my PDA?
4. How can I renew my PEPID subscription?
5. How do I purchase PEPID after using a free trial?

Installation Requirements
1. PEPID Installation Check List
2. What are the PEPID Mobile Wireless requirements?
3. Minimum system requirements
4. Minimum free memory requirements
5. Palm HotSync software installation verification

1. How do I install PEPID to my handheld using Windows OS computer?
2. How do I install PEPID to my Palm OS handheld using a Macintosh OS computer?
3. How do I find the version of my Palm Desktop/ActiveSync software?
4. How do I check what operating system my handheld is running on?
5. Do I need to delete the old version of PEPID?

Memory / Memory Card
1. How do I check the amount of free memory available on my handheld?
2. How do I free up memory on my PDA?
3. How do I install PEPID to a memory card?
4. How much free space do I need to install PEPID?
5. Can I move PEPID from main memory to memory card or the reverse?

1. How do I activate my PEPID?
2. How do I activate the program installed using a Macintosh computer?
3. How do I activate PEPID installed from a CD-ROM?
4. How do I activate PEPID after transferring it to another handheld?
5. Where is the PEPID Document Manager located?

1. I am receiving an Adosync.dll is in ROM or is in use error, what do I do?
2. Can I use PEPID on my Treo 650/700 handheld?
3. Can I use PEPID on Windows Mobile 5.0 and/or Active Sync 4.0?
4. Why does my T5 fail to sync my PEPID Suite?
5. I am receiving "This device cannot handle ZLib compressed documents", what do I do?

How to use PEPID
1. PEPID Tutorial
2. PEPID Online Tutorial
3. Will my PDA support/display the PEPID Illustrations?
4. How do I check the version of PEPID installed on my PDA?
5. How does the Personal Notes Feature Work?

1. Why should I sign up for the OnCard Membership?
2. What are the system requirements for OnCard?
3. How do I install PEPID from OnCard?
4. Can I install or copy PEPID from OnCard to main memory?
5. Can I install to Palm or PPC from a single OnCard?

Technical Bulletin
1. When a Soft Reset fails
2. Why is PEPID running slower from a memory card?
3. Why am I getting "Error initializing registration info"?
4. Why am I receiving a "HSLOG20.dll was not found" error message?


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