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If there is an event or procedure you’d like to share with your colleagues, tell your story. It may be used in PEPID at Work, a series of real life stories from the point-of-care workplace on our website.

The subject matter may be specialty focused. If PEPID is mentioned or part of the care solution, that will be welcomed. However, it is not the primary requirement. We want to make PEPID at Work an authoritative resource, where professionals can share stories with colleagues—stories that might not otherwise get told.

Story providers will receive author credit, and an opportunity to review copy before their story is released. By agreeing to participate in the program, story providers acknowledge PEPID LLC’s right to market and distribute the resulting content in any format and at any time it deems appropriate. Patients may be generally described (sex, age, condition, occupation) as appropriate, but never named.

SECTION ONE: This is My Story
Here are some story elements to consider (complete, as relevant):

PLACE: Where and when did this story happen? (Time and location)

BACKSTORY: What preceded this event? (Patient, treatment, and/or yourself)

EVENT OR PROCEDURE: What happened to patient(s); yourself?

OUTCOMES: What long- and short-term changes resulted from the event?


SECTION TWO: Story Provider Information

Email Address
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Best Time to Call
Day/Time Zone

If we decide to post your story, you will be contacted for further information. Thank you.




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