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Privacy Policy

PEPID’s Commitment to Privacy Protection

PEPID recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of internet users and is committed to safeguarding the interests of our customers and on-line visitors. Please review the following statement outlining PEPID’s policies and procedures put in place to ensure your expectations of privacy.


Personally Identifiable Information

PEPID will never share your personal information with a third party. PEPID maintains a customer database where your personal information is stored in our secure data facility. For the purpose of our policy, personally identifiable information includes your name, title, specialty, address, email address, phone number, fax number, credit card information, PEPID account number, and hospital or institutional affiliation. This information is used to provide the services requested and to provide you with information and marketing materials when available



PEPID uses cookies to improve the user experience of our site, identify and/or prevent unauthorized and fraudulent access to our products and services, and to show visitors online ads for up to 3 months after they have left our site. We do not store any billing information in cookies at any time.

Cookies are files stored on your computer’s hard drive that contain information about your session on a web site. In order to serve you better, PEPID stores the email address of subsribers and trialers in a cookie so we can automatically identify you when you return to our site and create a more efficient login process.

If you reject the cookies, you will be required to logon or enter your email address every time you come to the website before you can view your account information. In order to clear the cookie (if you are using a public computer and/or do not wish to have this cookie saved on your computer), you should click on “My Account,” and at the top of the page, there will be a line stating “Welcome back … if you are not … please click here.” Click the link that says “click here,” and the cookie will be cleared. Do not enter your email address again when prompted or it will be saved in the cookie again.


Security Technology and Procedures

PEPID customers who purchase PEPID through this site select a unique user sign-on name and password upon registration of the product to ensure privacy. If PEPID is purchased through a reseller site, PEPID assigns a unique user sign-on name. It is important for you to protect unauthorized access to your account by not sharing this information.

All transactions processed by PEPID are protected using encryption and firewall technologies recognized as providing security protection for information transmitted over the Internet.


Privacy Contact

Questions regarding PEPID’s privacy statement should be directed to (888) 321-7828 ext. 207.