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The Industry-leading


— EST. 1994 —

For over 25 years, PEPID has been a leading developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers, hospitals and schools.

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PEPID brings all of the drug data together to create action-oriented monographs. Concise bullet point content delivers everything from dosing algorithms to pregnancy/ lactation restrictions to provide clinicians with all the information they need when making treatment decisions.

Jump from diagnostics to dosing.

Quicklinks get you answers faster.

Updates Overview

  • Completely redesigned all interfaces
  • Reduced clicks needed and simplified navigation to get you to your answers faster than ever before
  • Enhanced look & feel to make the app easier and quicker to use
  • Simplified all tool functionality to highlight the features and selections users wanted most

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Featured Tools

Drug Interaction Checker

Safer prescribing in seconds

  • Intuitive user interface eliminates steps to check for interactions
  • Checks entire medication lists simultaneously
  • Checks for interactions against:
    1. Prescription and OTC drugs (over 100,000 drug products)
    2. 900+ nutraceuticals, including herbal medicines
    3. Toxic and controlled substances
    4. Individual lifestyle factors
  • Immediately view interaction summaries for entire medication list

Filter results. Prescribe accurately.

  • Interaction summaries jump to complete interaction monographs that include:
    1. Mechanism of Interaction
    2. Effect
    3. Level of Concern
    4. Action, including alternative drugs
    5. References
  • Presented in prescriptive, immediately actionable bullet points for busy clinicians and students
  • Filter interactions by severity or drug
  • Immediate access to relevant, prepopulated adult, pediatric, and geriatric dosing information and calculators


  • Completely overhauled interface providing drug interactions all within one screen.
  • Improved detailed drug interaction monographs – now accessible from within the DI tool.
  • Search filters appear when entering any search
  • Clear all button. Swipe left on individual drugs to remove them.
  • Results now sorted in groups by likelihood
  • Faster load times
  • Improved visual interface and functionality

Drug Allergy Checker

Hypersensitivity alerts

Check any medication against known food allergies and drug hypersensitivities for weighted alerts & actionable summaries of potential reactions based on the chemical makeup of a drug or nutrient.

Search by allergy agent or drug class across the industry’s No. 1 drug & substance database

  • Prescription and OTC drug information from all US, Canadian, & International drugs (over 100,000 drug products)
  • 900+ nutraceuticals, including herbal medicines
  • PEPID’s ingredient-based search algorithm detects even potential cross-reactivity

Ranked reactivity alerts reveal:

  • Type and severity
  • Likelihood of reaction and percentage of patients with potential hypersensitivity
  • Immediate and delayed telltale symptoms to watch out for
  • Actionable, optimized recommendations


  • Totally redesigned interface allowing for input of drug history, planned drugs, and results from one view.
  • Clear all button. Swipe left on single search items to remove them
  • Faster load times
  • Improved visual interface and functionality

Differential Diagnosis Generator (DDx)

Pinpoint patient problems

Formulate better-informed diagnoses & testing strategies faster with a weighted list of potential diagnoses by inputting a patient’s gender, age, symptoms & symptom severity along with the physician’s evaluation.


  • Modern visual updates with intuitive functionality. More beautiful than ever.
  • No more back and forth between pages. Search and Results are all on the same page.
  • Results are now categorized by severity in easy to identify sections. 
  • The Clear Selected Items button makes it easy to remove all searched items. Swipe left on any one item to remove individual ones. 

    Dosing & Medical Calculators

    Proprietary calculators that help ensure accurate dosing arithmetic, assessments & screenings.

    Ensure safer medication administration with a full range of over 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators – prepopulated and integrated within thousands of distinct clinical content cards.

    Expedite assessments and care planning with over 800 medical calculators, equations and scores — including body surface area, Glasgow Coma Scale, total calcium, NIH Stroke Scale, port analysis, and more.


    • NEW calculator icon next to any search to easily identify items with calculators
    • Redesigned look and feel for quicker input and results

    Pill Identifier

    Easily identify patient medications with just a few details – even when all you have is a partial imprint.

    The Pill Identifier tool lets you search for drug information by inputting score, shape & color.

    Available for use with PEPID’s highest quality pill pictures and industry-leading drug database, the Pill Identifier helps clinicians avoid errors by identifying mystery medication.


    • Hide search criteria to maximize viewing results on screen.
    • Faster load times
    • Improved visual interface and functionality

    IV Compatibility Checker

    No more over-sized paper charts.

    PEPID helps healthcare professionals avoid adverse events encountered in administering intravenous drugs & solutions, and optimize IV management & preparation.

    Run compatibility checks against the largest drug database on the market

    • Prescription and OTC drugs (over 100,000 drug products)
    • 900+ nutraceuticals, including herbal medicines

    Immediately view compatibility summaries and recommendations across multiple variables

    • Additives
    • Syringes
    • Y-Sites
    • Presented in prescriptive, immediately actionable bullet points for busy clinicians and students


    • Redesigned interface allowing for drug input and results within a single view for improved usability
    • Clear Selected Drugs button allows quick clearing of past searches.
    • Improved and expanded solution compatibility information in a more rapidly accessible layout.

    Indications Checker

    Get immediate access to both indications and contraindications for any selection of drugs, diseases, or a combination of the two within seconds.

    A drug to disease checkers that provides alerts when a prescribed medication shouldn’t be used. Indications checker looks for causes due to an underlying disease, recent procedures, diagnostic tests, or conditions such as pregnancy. The indications module easily allows systems to link treatments to the conditions they treat, in order to identify safe, or cost-effective alternatives.

    Search by Drug, Supplement or Substance in Various:

    • Dosage forms
    • Routes of administration

    Search by Indication and Associated Variables:

    • Associated conditions, comorbidities, & complications
    • Actual and potential patient problems, including medical history
    • Precipitating factors and causative organisms
    • Procedural phases and treatment goals

     Get Instant Results

    • Discover alternative therapies
    • View labeled indications
    • Reveal common off-label uses
    • Verify drug-indication compatibility

    Linked References

    • Dive deeper & check efficacy directly

    Simultaneous Searches verify:

    Labeled drug-indication compatibility, according to the UMLS NDFRT.


    • Search and results all on one page
    • Modern visual overhaul.
    • Clear button allows quick clearing of past searches.