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Lab Manual

Interpreted highs and lows at-a-glance.

Improve testing strategies and medication monitoring with an extensive laboratory medicine resource that covers both adult and pediatric test results, ranges and more.

PEPID’s Lab Manuals are included in any every clinical decision support suite


PEPID’s Lab Manual is available through any of our clinical decision support suites, providing healthcare professionals, students and educators both physiologic and technical testing information on their mobile devices or online.

Available on any smart phone or tablet, or by integrating our lab manual into your EMR, HIS or patient portal with the PEPID Knowledge Base to enhance diagnosing and management.

PEPID’s Lab Manual is included in any every clinical decision support suite

Get full access to PEPID for 2 weeks with a free trial, or contact us to learn more about integrating our Lab Manual and the PEPID Knowledgebase into your health IT system.

What makes our lab manual different?

200+ lab results and ranges

  • Arterial Blood Gas and Acid/Base
  • Cardiology Labs
  • Drug Monitoring Labs
  • Drugs of Abuse Labs
  • Electrolytes Labs
  • Endocrinology Labs
  • Gastroenterology Labs
  • Hematology and Oncology Labs
  • Infectious Diseases Labs
  • Metabolism Labs
  • Neurology Labs
  • Orthopedics
  • Poisons and Toxins Labs
  • Rheumatology Labs
  • Urinalysis

    Complete & concise lab test information

    • Adult and pediatric normal ranges
    • Critical values
    • Interpreted highs & lows
    • Links to related tests and equations
    • Indications for testing
    • Test specificity
    • Technical information from preparation to post-test care and follow up

    PEPID has all the TOOLS to help you help others