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Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

Delivering specialty-focused information for every department and every member of the care team, PEPID provides a complete solution for your entire hospital.

With PEPID, your hospital has direct access to all the clinical and drug knowledge healthcare professionals need to make decisions at the point of care — assessment and disposition, signs and symptoms, diagnostics and lab references, emergency protocols and algorithms, medical and dosing calculators, a drug interaction checker, patient education handouts, discharge instructions, follow-up care, and much more.

Solutions for System-wide Impact

RN Student Clinical Companion

Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists can have unlimited access to PEPID Connect from any PC or Apple computer. Our content and tools are automatically updated, so you can be sure the information clinicians are accessing is always current.

Make the information your healthcare professionals rely on as mobile as they are with PEPID mobile solutions. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any smartphone or tablet device, making clinical decision support available when it's needed.

Enhance your HIT systemEMR, HIE, EHR or physician portal with Backbone by PEPID to improve the quality and flow of information available to clinicians. PEPID gives you an easy way to add clinical and drug information to your system, helping you meet the criteria for meaningful use without long development cycles or complex system implementation.

Institutional Delivery Options

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Products for Hospitals and Health Systems

Emergency Medicine

The ultimate emergency medicine arsenal. Packed with fully relevant content and tools, and designed for rapid search, access, and application at the point of care.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Suite

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

A big help for the little ones. Cut to the chase with content, calculators, and values specific to help treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions.

Primary Care Plus Ambulatory

Our most comprehensive, integrated reference toolBuilt to provide dynamic support for every type of healthcare provider, PCP is your daily go-to for evidence-based essentials and tools to manage anything from asthma to Zika.

Portable Drug Companion

Carry the largest drug database available in your back pocket. Thousands of dosing and drip calculators improve treatment accuracy, while a powerful Drug Interactions Checker ensures patient safety.

Pharmacist Pro with AHFS

The only drug comprehensive reference and tool kit pharmacists need in any setting. Search the entire AHFS Drug Information Essentials® database, integrated with relevant drug interactions checks, dosage calculators, and clinical content.

AHFS Drug Information® by PEPID

The unabridged AHFS Drug Information® knowledgebase, delivered with PEPID’s superior usability and actionable tools.

Professional Nursing

A complete resource for content written for nurses, by nurses. Enjoy smoother, safer shifts with concise nursing considerations, a robust drug reference, IV compatibility check, and more.

Critical Care Nursing

A focused nursing reference that does the extra critical thinking for you. Developed with the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the RNCC delivers specialized content for intensive patient care including assessments, nursing considerations, and drugs and drips.

Oncology Nursing

Developed with the Oncology Nursing Society, this specialized reference simplifies complex cancer care and strengthens evidence-based nursing with the latest PEP cards.

Gerontological Nursing

Tailored to deliver evergreen nursing care for older patients. Developed with the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, RN Gero does the heavy lifting across in-home, palliative and long-term care settings.

RN Care Plan Pro

Offers over 200 care plan templates, a platform to create and manage custom care plans, and one-click access to supporting clinical content and nursing considerations.

Clinical Rotation Companion

The academic’s premier survival kit through rotations and beyond. Practice with competence and confidence, no matter where your studies take you.



The first stop for first responders. Developed in collaboration with the National Association of EMS Educators, this specialized suite delivers actionable content from en route to in-ambulance.

PEPID Add-ons

Patient Medication Education

Printable patient education handouts to improve adherence by providing everything your patients need to know regarding their prescription medications.

Available exlusively for PEPID Connect