IV Compatibility Tool


iv compatibilityAvailable online and in all of our mobile suites, the IV Compatibility Checker ensures another layer of safe drug administration. Quickly check the compatibility of specific drugs, and assess IV solution compatibility and stability across:

  • Drug pairings and Y-site
  • Methods of preparation and administration
  • Drug-IV-Container interactions
  • Commonly-used IV fluids

Maintain medication efficacy, avoid adverse drug events and product wastage, and optimize treatment time with PEPID’s IV Compatibility Checker – included in all clinical decision support suites.

IV Compatibility Checker Update

An enhanced IV Compatibility Checker that provides additional Solution Compatibility information is now available in PEPID Connect. Sign up for a trial of any PEPID suite, including the Professional Nursing Suite, and access it online via PEPID Connect to use the updated IV Compatibility Checker.

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An unmaintained version of the IV Compatibility Checker without the additional information on Solution Compatibility is available to try below or click here for the mobile version.